Enjoy Clean, Pure Water From Every Faucet

Hire an experienced water treatment company in Danbury, CT

You don't have to stock up on bottled water to enjoy fresh, clean water every day. You can clean the water inside your plumbing system by calling Custom Water Systems Company, LLC. Our water treatment company serves residential, commercial and industrial customers in the Danbury, CT area with water testing and water treatment system installation services.

We'll let you know what's in your tap water and explain your treatment options. Once you decide on a plan, you can rely on us to install an effective water treatment system. Start enjoying clean water in your plumbing system by contacting us today.

We Offer 24/7 Emergency Service

Why treat your water?

There's more to pure water than just taste. We provide residential, commercial and industrial water treatment services because...

  • Minerals in your water can build up in your appliances or machinery, causing them to wear out sooner
  • Even treated water can still contain harmful chemicals and microbes that can cause illnesses
  • By removing contaminants, you can prevent mineral spots on glassware and enjoy softer skin and hair

Help your appliances last longer by arranging for commercial or residential water treatment services today.

Let the pros take care of your water treatment system

If you don't replace your filters and worn-out parts, your water treatment system won't deliver the results you expect. Our water treatment company provides recurring water system maintenance services so you don't have to give your system a second thought. We'll keep your water treatment equipment in tiptop shape so you can enjoy clean, reliable water every day.

Schedule residential, industrial or commercial water treatment services when you call 203-791-2985 today.

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